Custom Signs

Custom routed signs (also known as architectural or sandblasted signs) can be created with many materials.  Don't let our name fool you, we do much more than just wood.  There are many materials suitable for signs, such as solid wood, MDO, urethane foam, and high density polyethylene.  My CNC router can handle sizes up to 4' x 8'.  (Lengths of 10' are possible with careful design considerations.)  Below are some explanations of the most popular sign materials along with examples of each.  Please also see my gallery.


Solid Wood

Western Red Cedar

Solid wood is beautiful in every way.  Most any wood works well for indoor signs, including oak, cherry, maple, and walnut.  Western Red Cedar works best for outdoor signage that is fully exposed to the elements.

Urethane Foam


Urethane Foam is a widely used material for outdoor signs, which comes in many different thicknesses.  It is very easy to machine, accepts any type of paint, and is lightweight.  Urethane foam is also impervious to rot and insects.  

High Density Polyethylene


Polyethylene is a polymer plastic.  I use Color Core manufactured by King Plastics.  This material comes in up to 4' x 8' sheets and several different color combinations.  Polyethylene is extremely durable outdoors.  It is vandal resistant, can be pressure washed, inert to most chemicals, and requires zero maintenance.  

Available Colors



 MDO panel (Medium Density Overlay), is made of exterior grade plywood with a smooth weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. The resin overlay resists water and weather.  MDO panel comes pre-primed or can be supplied factory painted in white.  The factory paint is very durable with an extremely smooth surface.